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About Us

    As the two founders of the website, we all have pets and we love pets. In total, we have three cats and two dogs. As pet lovers, we are willing to provide the best food and supplies to pets that we regard as family members. Because these "family members" have become an indispensable part of our lives. We share every joy or sorrow with them



    Enthusiasm for our pets, and as pet lovers, we rarely find exquisite styles in pet shops in North America became our main motivation for creating this platform. We need our pets can use supplies made by the best manufacturers. Therefore, we have collected a lot of brands from high-end European manufacturers on this platform. Many products are handmade and produced in Europe, so the production time also takes four to five weeks before they are sent to North America. We have bought these products for pets a long time ago. These products stand the test from us. Now we hope that these exquisite brands can be known by more people. 



    Products on this platform are suitable for all pet lovers. Moreover,  people who have higher requirements for the quality of life of themselves and their pets are more suitable for this platform.



    Dog leashes and dog collars can be matched with your own clothes. The style of cat tree and cat bed also matches your modern high-end decoration style very well. We hope to integrate pet furniture and pet supplies into our lives and become a harmonious part of our life style.