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Ray Harness - Navy
Ray Harness - Navy
Ray Harness - Navy
Ray Harness - Navy
Ray Harness - Navy
Ray Harness - Navy

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Ray Harness - Navy

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The Ray Harness is 100% handmade and an exclusive, utility patent-pending all-in-one design that is constructed to make your everyday routine easier. Using a single piece of padded interwoven synthetic silk fiber rope and a series of Buttero leather features, we have designed a system that will allow you to attach and detach your pet’s harness in a fluid movement. Designed with thoughtful attention to comfort, utility, and beauty, the Ray Harness is a super chic accessory for pet owners who love to be on the go.

Color: Navy

Materials: Customized Silk Rayon Rope and Italian Buttero Vegetable Tanned Leather

*All-in-one (Leash and Harness) Design Patent + Utility Patent Pending Design



NECK SIZE:  6” – 15” (15cm – 38cm),
CHEST SIZE: 8” –19” (20cm – 48cm)


NECK SIZE:  10” – 19” (25cm – 48cm),

CHEST SIZE: 12” – 26” (30cm – 66cm)


NECK SIZE:  15” – 24” (38cm – 63cm),

CHEST SIZE: 20”– 30” (50cm – 76cm