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Dog Bed Comfy Rose
Dog Bed Comfy Rose
Dog Bed Comfy Rose
Dog Bed Comfy Rose


Dog Bed Comfy Rose

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Dreamy, graceful and playful: Our new round dog bed Comfy Rose comes in the delicate color of rosé and exudes a soothing calmness on both man and dog. As if through rose-colored glasses, this dog bed invites you to dream and cuddle. Thanks to its donut shape, the Comfy Rosé is particularly suitable for four-legged friends who like to curl up. The shape and shade create a feeling of lovely security. The dog bed Comfy Rosé creates a homely, warm and yet fresh room atmosphere - no matter where your darling prefers to lie down to rest.

The noble outer fabric not only feels wonderfully soft and pleasant, but is also super easy to clean. The couch cushion is removable from the center of the dog bed, which makes it easy to knock out and brush off dirt and dog hair. For heavier soiling, the covers, as well as the inner cushions, can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. The lightfastness of the finely structured fabric underlines the usability of the dog bed as a deliberate, long-lasting design element, especially in rooms flooded with light.

The soft, yet form-fitting filling allows for maximum lying comfort with high bounce. This prevents lying through and protects the joints of dogs.

Design and material make the Comfy Rosé dog bed a feast for the eyes and a real treat for hands and paws.