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"Pebble" Pet Leash for 2 Pets
"Pebble" Pet Leash for 2 Pets
"Pebble" Pet Leash for 2 Pets
"Pebble" Pet Leash for 2 Pets


"Pebble" Pet Leash for 2 Pets

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Inspired by the elegant curves of pebbles, our products perfectly combine natural beauty and handcraftsmanship. Each piece is handmade, not only as a tribute to traditional craftsmanship but also with the pursuit and love of detail.

We select high-quality ash wood, pure copper and fine leather to ensure every inch shows the ultimate texture and touch, hoping to give your pet the best gift.

The product's durability is just as outstanding, undergoing rigorous tensile testing to withstand up to 2,000 Nm of pulling force.

For consumers committed to the environment, our pet leashes are made from recyclable materials, showing both respect for nature and our commitment to a sustainable future.


    • Handle: Ash Wood
    • Rope: Copper, Leather, Polyester