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Poop Bag Holder Rose


Poop Bag Holder Rose

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The poop bag holder Sand is a natural beauty and at the same time the perfect companion for almost any color combination imaginable. The incomparable luxurious touch makes the Sand poop bag dispenser already a classic.

The poop bag dispenser comes in taupe smooth leather, with color selectable hardware. The contrasting gray stitching highlights the fine craftsmanship behind this classy poop bag dispenser. A classy carabiner allows the poop bag dispenser to be securely attached to the leash's D-ring or alternatively to a belt loop, chain, or handbag. Magnetic closure holds the poop bags securely inside, and they can be pulled out conveniently and easily via a circular opening on the back.

Each poop bag holder comes with a roll of poop bags and is ready for immediate use.